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Airo Lift Dealer in IndiaMtandt is the authorized Airo Lift dealer in India. The company believes giving the best services and product details to the customer. The offered products need to be taken care with the after-sales service as it is the only authorized Airo Lift dealer.

The Airo Lift manufactures various products of material handling and manipulating systems. The company has a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures clamping, Vacuum Lifting, and manipulating systems. Also, has the product line of Clamping Systems, Drum & Panel Manipulators, Box, Bag & Reel Handlers, Glass, TV & Cabinet rotator, Inverters & Upenders, Dumping Systems, Dumping Systems, Barrel & Pail dumpers, Metered Dump or Pour, Lift Position & Dump, Up-enders, Down-enders, Product Rotators, Part Manipulators, etc. Mtandt offers the same products as it is Airo Lift dealer in India.


The AiroLift is a remarkable and ground-breaking lifting equipment and material handling with the framework. Specially crafted with clasping or vacuüm get end effector, AiroLift has been used to unravel the most perplexing lifting circumstances, with our new age of semi-unbending controllers, intended for simplicity of task this twin-pole, pneumatic lifting gadget will play out many of materials taking care of utilization. Including overturning, turning, and many more procedure particular capacities, it’s a taking care of framework plan that can be altered for lifting, controlling or dumping applications while limiting administrator exhaustion and unplanned damage.


AiroLift Handling Systems can be intended to lift and control objects from 30lbs to 1200lbs, and any material. AiroLift can even be used in nourishment review wash down and clean-room conditions and creation process circumstances.

The framework includes an entire 360° pivot metal ball mounted the best swivel, so carriers won’t tangle on the exceptional planned twin bar chamber. All pneumatic rationale controls are housed securely under a defensive howl, situated for simple upkeep and a perfect, dust-free condition. Due to the particular properties of each heap, AiroLift, LLC conducts compulsory testing and endorsement preceding assembling. These tests guarantee you that any heap will give the best answer for your needs.


Ergonomically intended for consistent activity throughout the day without back/neck or hand/wrist strain, and AiroLift frameworks have appeared to a 40% expansion in efficiency! It additionally uses air-rationale innovation for the amazing long haul, low upkeep activity, continuing working costs low, and dispenses with the need to run exorbitant electrical associations, utilizing just shop air for all tasks.

AiroLift conforms to the suggested OSHA and NIOSH models and highlights cataclysmic air misfortune security and sensors that keep a heap from being discharged until the point that it has been put.


  • Full 360º rotation
  • Twin rod design
  • Catastrophic air loss protection
  • Utilizes shop air to conserve air consumption
  • Low SCFM requirements
  • Extremely low dB levels
  • Few moving parts, low maintenance
  • Numerous manipulation options available


  • Vertical Lift: 18 – 72 inches
  • (optional extension adapters available to increase lift)
  • Capacity: 125 lbs. to 1200 lbs (consult factory)
  • Vacuum: Yes – on all units
  • Attachments: Vacuum, pneumatic and mechanical clamping
  • Speed: Variable and adjustable


Standard features

  • Produced according to EN 280 norm and the international safety regulations
  • Electric – hydraulic transmission
  • Proportional controls
  • Traction battery
  • High-frequency battery – charger 230V incorporated
  • Horn, voltmeter and hour meter
  • Electric tilt alarm device with an automatic stop
  • Flat battery indicator with battery – protection device (automatic lifting stop)
  • All motion alarms
  • Driveable at max. height
  • On platform load limiting device
  • Superelastic black tyres
  • 230V electric line pre-disposition on the platform


  • Hydraulic cage rotation 70°+70°
  • Flashing warning light
  • Gearcase protection cap
  • supply with plug on the platform
  • 230V supply with plug on the platform with earth-leakage circuit breaker
  • Superelastic non-marking white tyres


  • Total Capacity: 200 kg
  • Working height: 12 m
  • working outreach: 6,4 m
  • Degree turret rotation: 180° + 180°
  • Cage dimensions: 800 x 1360 mm
  • Power: Battery
  • Battery: 48 / 325 V/Ah
  • Battery – charger: 48 / 45 V/A
  • Oil tank capacity: 40 I
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 210 bar
  • Drive speed (fast): 4 km/h
  • Security speed: 0,6 km/h
  • Gradeability: 25 %
  • Inside turning radius: 0,95 m
  • Outside turning radius: 2,95 m
  • Tyre dimensions: 584×324 m
  • Tyre type: 23x10x12” SOFTY
  • Total weight: 3900 / 4200*

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