Altec Dealer in India

Altec dealer in India

Mtandt has tied-up with Altec and is the authorized Altec dealer in India. Mtandt is a leading technology and solution provider to different industries through manufacturing, distribution, rental, training, and services. Similar to Altec, Mtandt also supplies products on rent as the rental market is growing fast and the company has chosen the right path to be an Altec dealer in India.

Since 1929, Altec has been one of the leading providers of products and services to the telecommunications, electric utility, lights and signs and contract markets. The company is committed to excellence and keeps raising the product standard by innovating product design, adding more safety features and focusing on customer satisfaction. It makes sure that Altec dealer in India also follows the same standard.

Being the Altec dealer, Mtandt also has to take care of the full customer satisfaction by giving creative solutions and sharing the knowledge. It helps in the proper maintenance of basic utilities in an infrastructure sector as it is important to check the maintenance timely. The company makes sure all the requirements are met to be an Altec dealer.

Digger Derricks

Altec offers a variety of Digger Derricks with heights ranging from 37 to 105 feet (11.2 to 32.0 meters) and 10-foot load ratings from 3,800 to 49,650 pounds (1,724 to 22,520 kilograms). The company offers several unit configurations and mounting locations custom-made to meet the need.

Altec Digger Derrick comes with a lifetime structural warranty as has to tackle the toughest jobs. It is rough and flexible and has standard safety features like five functions hydraulic overload protection, pole guide interlock, auger and boom stow protection that gives reliable services.

D2045B – Large Digger Derrick

The D2045 is the impeccable choice when the customer needs proper distribution, height, and more lifting capacity to get the job done.  This unit also comes with the “B” series hydraulic system to maximize multifunction speed and performance.


The Altec “B” series Derrick has a flexible control system. This system includes a high-flow variable displacement pump and generates the greatest flow of 43 GPM. As the flow is provided by a single variable displacement piston pump, maximum flow is available to any function for superior multi-functioning which includes 4-function boom operation.

This has an added benefit of 50% reduction of heat generation during heavy digging, 20% reduction of heat generation during continuous winch operation and reduced fuel consumption.

  • 5-Function Hydraulic Overload Protection System (HOP)
  • Hydraulic Side Load Protection (HSLP) with Load Sense
  • Boom Stow Protection System
  • Full Capacity Fiberglass Upper Boom
  • Fiberglass Boom Tip and Transferable Steel Boom Flares
  • Insulating, fiberglass third stage with 46kV and below rating
  • Hydraulic Tilting Pole Guides with Pole Guide Interlock
  • Outrigger Boom Interlock System
  • Operator Main Control Panel with Multi-Lever Controls
  • Emergency Stop Switch on Main Control Panel(s)

General Specifications:

Maximum Lift Capacity: 30,000 lb. (13607.8 kg)

Maximum Sheave Height:  45.4 ft (13.8 m)

Maximum Horizontal Reach from Centerline of Rotation:  35.7 ft (10.9 m)

Boom Articulation: -17 to 83°

Digging Radius Minimum: 16.8 ft (5.1 m)

Digging Radius Maximum:  25.3 ft (7.7 m)

Altec Insulator Washers

Altec manufacturers Hot Line Insulator Washers and are used in over 30 countries and can work in the toughest environments. The company offers a variety of insulator washing solutions.


  • Stainless Steel Water Tank with 1,825-gal (6908 L) Capacity, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Hydraulically Extended, Telescopic Booms
  • Operator Work Station with Fully Adjustable Seat
  • Intercom System Between Work Station and Cab
  • Single Handle “Joystick” Controller for Boom Operation
  • Single Handle “Joystick” Controller for Wash Monitor Operation
  • Automatic Boom Stow Travel Latch
  • Front and Rear Outriggers with motion alarm
  • Hydraulic Driven Water Pump
  • Automatic Throttle Control
  • Top or Bottom fill of Water Tank, with Strainer
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler w/12 VDC Fan
  • Constant Resistivity Monitor Provided at Operator Console
  • Portable Resistivity Tester
  • Automatic Low Water Alarm, Out of Water Shutdown
  • Painted White
  • 375° Noncontiguous Rotation
  • Two (2) Operator and Two (2) Maintenance/Parts Manuals

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