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Mtandt feels proud to supplies the equipment in the Indian market as Mtandt is the authorized COMET machine dealer in India.

Established in 1960, Comet (COMET Officine) been the first company to introduce in Europe the concept of “platform for aerial works”. The equipment that enables operators to work safely and with comfort at high altitude. Since then, COMET has a large portfolio of products and the last one is the creative over pressure NO – DRIP system. Mtandt also offers the same products by being the COMET machine dealer in India.

The company’s new factory is of 20.000 m², with 10.000 m² of premises, where all the manufacturing process, from design to prototype implementation, from raw materials inspection to final test of end-products is done. COMET Officine has an extensive network of Sale, Rent and After-Sale points with authorized service centres in every Italian district. The centres are also available in every foreign country where it is present, and supplies spare parts and keep the stock of it on site to ensure fast response times. Mtandt, being the COMET machine dealer in India, stocks the spare parts that are used for the equipment at its service centre.

The employees of the service centres are trained and brought up to date through periodic training prepared at Company’s headquarter. All service involvements, both during the warranty period and after, are monitored by CO.ME.T. Officine to improve the product’s quality and reliability. Mtandt has also got the training to offer the best service to the customer by being the COMET machine dealer in India.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP has dedicated active and passive safety features, due to the fact that COMET Truck Mounted AWP is specifically designed to lift PEOPLE. For instance, COMET Truck Mounted AWP is equipped with an interlock system, among other safety features. The interlock system prevents the boom with the operator in the basket to move if the machine is not perfectly stabilized.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP has double controls, either on the ground and on the basket.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP has specific features for the aerial work with the operator. Those include controls on the basket for best positioning and full safety, basket rotation system for more accurate work on height, JIB for more flexibility on height, etc.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP has reduced timing for operational work. After stabilization is done, one can move the boom and start working. COMET Truck Mounted AWP reduces positioning time at its minimum.

Cost Savings

COMET Truck Mounted AWP is specifically designed for taking the best optimization for the combination truck / aerial platform. In other words, COMET Truck Mounted AWP requires a smaller truck to come to a higher working height.



COMET Truck Mounted AWP performs more work in less operational time, due to its installation on the truck; no dead time related to the Tyre Mounted AWP transportation and downloading in/form the working site; in fact,

Cost Savings # 1: operational costs

COMET Truck Mounted AWP does not require additional costs related to the truck that will carry it to the working site, hence it is directly mounted onto a truck.

Cost Savings # 2: maintenance costs

COMET Truck Mounted AWP has VERY low maintenance costs, hence it is a very simple machine, fully hydraulic. Costs for electronic components are higher than for hydraulic components.

Cost Savings # 3: training costs

COMET Truck Mounted AWP is installed onto a truck, which is stable even on uneven ground.

Easy Controls

COMET Truck Mounted AWP is equipped with full proportional hydraulic controls, which is giving the machine the necessary smoothness on the operation, as well as is keeping the machine under user-friendly condition.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP does not require special attention to its usage, being safely installed onto a truck for driving mode and having very simple boom operation mode.

Electric Engine

Truck Mounted AWP has an additional electric engine for in-door operations, having an electric engine for in-door operation as an optional. This is making COMET Truck Mounted AWP even more flexible, out-door and in-door.


COMET Truck Mounted AWP has several useful optional that Tyre Mounted AWP has not, for instance, “hydraulic plugs for high power hydraulic tools”. It is possible to equip COMET Truck Mounted AWP either with ground hydraulic plugs and with basket built-in hydraulic plugs. These plugs offer a direct connection on the ground and on the basket, for easy working operation.

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