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Denka Dealer in IndiaMtandt is the authorized Denka dealer in India. The company also specialize in sales, service, and rentals of Denka Atrium and Trailer mounted boom Lifts. As the rental industry has grown tremendously, Denka offers the products on rents. Similarly, Mtandt rents out the products all over India as it is the Denka dealer.

The aerial lifts reach up to 92 feet in height, 36-inch wide door and weight of 2653.51 kilograms, Denka positions as the lightest weight aerial lift in the world in its height range. The Denka lifts are unique, compact and flexible, it has the battery, or 110-volt electric compared to other lifts. Denka also has a variety of products and distributes the same to the Denka dealer in India.

Denka Lift Model 72N

Overview and Highlights

• Platform height of 66 feet, working height 72’
• Axles narrow to 35 inches for single door access
• The multi-adjustable outrigger system will allow for setting on uneven surfaces, and its standard all-wheel drive (3-wheel drive) will easily get it to its work area
• Weighs less than 5060 pounds
• Self-propelled from the T-Bar handle
• Quiet, battery-driven hydraulic system effectively eliminates the source of troublesome fumes common with other lifts
• Unlike traditional boom lifts, the Denka DL72N requires no refuelling and no permit fees to transport and can be delivered on a 25-foot trailer
• Moment sensors detect overload and neutralize the lift
• Manual emergency lowering system
• Proportional controls for exact positioning
• Mercury switches prevent the lift from being operated when the lift is not levelled
• Microswitches prevent use without outriggers
• Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements

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