Falcon Lift Dealer in India

Mtandt is the authorized Falcon lift dealer in India. The spider lifts can travel through the narrow places and unfold when in place. The lift can pass through a 1m wide and 2m high door opening, and when in place, the outriggers unfold like a spider’s legs, providing safe support for the lift. The lifts have a safety system that is user-friendly and easily understood by the operator.

Established in 1970, Falcon Lifts started with Spider Atrium Lift line of narrow, aerial, compact, atrium access lifts. The aim to manufacture spider lifts were to develop a lift that could pass through a regular door opening, attain much work height in minutes, yet be light and flexible. Mtandt supplies different products as it is Falcon lift dealer in India.

Being the Falcon lift dealer in India, Mtandt makes sure that it gives the customers the same service as Falcon. The customer needs to make understand about the products in detail by the Falcon lift dealer for better usage.  Falcon is one of the leading players in the market who manufactures, delivers and maintains the products which helps the customers to do their task at safe and fast. This concept needs to be followed by the Falcon lift dealer.

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 320C Vario

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift is an original Falcon Spider Lift with market-leading features. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 320C Vario was invented at first in the 1970s and developed ever since. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 320C Vario is very applicable in matters of:

  • Facility management
    • Atrium access
    • Narrow access
    • Best quality & safety
    • Double jib system
    • Easy transport & propelling
    • Low weight & ground pressure
    • Need for flexible outrigger
    • Limited setup space
    • Power
    • Bi-energy Hybrid

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift is capable of passing through a door opening a mere 0,8 m wide and 1,98 m high. Further details on The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 320C Vario is mentioned below, or you can click to download the full datasheet on this page also.

Standard equipment:
·       Automatic stability & outreach control
·       Computer controlled (can-bus)
·       Proportional control of all functions
·       Self-propelled
·       Battery powered with charger 180 Ah
·       Double link-arm system
·       375° turret rotation, with integrated stop
·       Individual setting of each outrigger
·       Electronic checking of the power system (PLC)
·       The manual pump system for emergency lowering
·       Ability to self-load onto trucks or trailers
·       Hight adjustable crawlers
·       Adjustable crawlers 1,25-1,58 m
·       Minimum width only 1,25 m
·       Space for tools etc. in the basket
·       Storage room with lock-in chassis
·       Diesel engine Kubota 3 cyl. 21.7 kW
·       Wireless remote control of all functions
·       Service tool (Remote access via laptop)
·       Non-marking crawlers
·       Slope alarm


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