Mtandt is the authorized Iguerra dealer in India. The company supplies different types of cranes of Iguerra like Marine cranes that are designed to face the most extreme sea conditions and its corrosive effects. Forestry cranes that are designed with the latest technology to overcome demanding and continuous task. Recycling Crane is very strong and designed to perform best. Mtandt being the Iguerra dealer in India also provides the spare parts of the company for any kind of machines.

With 65 years of experience, Industrias Guerra focuses on the design and manufacturing of cranes to meet the functional requirements to do all kinds of the task and to build and maintain high-quality standard products.  The company continuously believes in innovation and improvements to create unique products that meet the most specific and technological requirements.

Iguerra focuses on innovations and makes unique products for each of their clients. The products are safe, efficient and quality products that are used in various sectors. The company has its international presence in more than 35 countries, India being the one and Mtandt is the Iguerra dealer.

Forestry crane

The cranes are specially designed to operate on a forestry environment and to overcome high performing tasks easily, safely and successfully. We also have harvesters and high traction force trailers with a rugged structure that meet the firmest guarantees of safety and durability.



Lifting moment: 150,7 kNm

Max. lifting dynamic moment: 246,3 kNm

Max. hydr. outreach (STD crane): 8,2 m

Slewing angle: 430°

Maximum rotation torque: 42,4 kNm

Maximum working pressure: 240 bar

Recommended pump delivery: 100 l/min

Maximum power required: 40/53 kW/CV

Mass of standard crane: 3145 Kg


Control valve with fixed or variable flow

Hydraulically extendable and rotary outriggers

Heat exchanger

Set of Headlight



Built according to “EN 12999” rule H1-B4 class

4 slewing cylinders and double rack

Wheel-rack slewing system, an oil bath, with oscillatant roller bearings.

New control position, ergonomic, easy of access.

Pre-installation of 4- function point accessory control.

Emergency stop button.

Folding crane

If anyone looking electric scissor lift click here.

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