OMME Dealer in India

OMME dealer in IndiaThe equipment of OMME is supplied by the Mtandt as they are the authorized OMME dealer in India. They sell the product or give it on rent as rental market has grown these days and urbanization and industrialization has taken speed to grow. OMME has a variety of products and is supplied to various countries through Omme dealers.

OMMELIFT has a long convention associated with delivering quality items with the client’s wishes and needs being in core interest. Our lifts are both known for their high caliber and dependability and in addition their long-life expectancy. The company is occupied with making solid associations with both the clients, contractual workers, and in addition the staff with these connections’ dependent on shared trust, unwavering quality, and expert participation.

OMMELIFT is a third-age family-claimed enterprise and has experienced a critical improvement through the most recent 100 years: from the neighbourhood smithy in 1906 to the cutting edge, universal assembling organization. As far back as the starting, OMMELIFT has been an organization with solid roots and associations with the nearby network, which keeps on living on. Being the OMME dealer in India, Mtandt keeps the quality of the products while supplying it in India.


Unrestricted and extensive horizontal reach

Maximum horizontal reach is achievable at all heights between 6 ft. and 50 ft., giving excellent access over obstacles. No rearward boom projection avoids the risk of collisions on crowded sites.


The 2-speed undercarriage gets you quickly to the work location. Booms can be lifted to the maximum 90 ft. work height in only 21⁄2 minutes.

Ability to lift the boom and the jib while travelling

Allows the operator to clear obstacles while driving and makes a clean approach to an uphill/downhill slope without grounding.

Variable width undercarriage

Provides better drive stability on side slopes

Powerful diesel/battery hybrid power

Gives optimum versatility and unrestricted operating periods. Travel long distances on diesel power or use indoors on battery power where emission restrictions and quiet operation is required.

Narrow travel width and compact dimensions

Travel width can be reduced to 3 ft. 8 inches for access through narrow openings and overall length to less than 22 ft. 4 inches giving excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Excellent levelling ability

Long-travel stabilizer legs allow safe set-up on extreme slopes and in the most difficult situations first time, every time.

Variable outrigger positions

Allows use in confined spaces – full horizontal reach is available even when stabilizers on both sides are in the narrow position.

Robust and reliable stabilizer interlocks

Safety switches are situated on top of stabilizer legs and protected against dirt and moisture ingress when working in wet or muddy conditions.

Permanently fixed, large bearing-area stabilizer foot plates

For fast, safe set-up and extra stability even when separate spreader pads are not utilized.

Compact 1-person basket on adjustable jib with 550 lbs. capacity

Easier to work in tree canopies and confined spaces, plenty of payload for tools and equipment.

Interchangeable baskets

Allows quick and easy transition between 1-person and 2-person basket configuration.

Stay clear of the chassis

The extensive working envelope allows easy dropping of logs and branches, without the risk of damage to the chassis and stabilizers.

Grease-free telescopic boom sections

Minimizes build-up of sawdust and dirt between sections for increased reliability and reduced maintenance.

Boom cylinders protected under the boom

Not exposed on top hence not subject to the impact of falling limbs and damage from a collision.

Telescopic sections working on rollers

No friction in telescopic movements, same operation speed with full basket load in all positions. Brushes on entrances to prevent debris from entering each section.

Simple, intuitive controls

Easy and smooth to operate, making work quicker and safer.

Non-computerized operating system

Simple live hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls are reliable, easy to maintain and less prone to malfunctions in demanding tree care applications, meaning less downtime and cost-effective operation.

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