PM Truck Loader Crane Dealer in India

Mtandt is one of the PM Truck Loader Crane Dealer in India and has been distributing truck mounted articulated cranes by the leading manufacturer PM Group. Construction is happening at a great pace in India where different equipment is needed and used for making the project. Truck loader crane is one of them which is a loading-unloading machine mounted on a truck body. It is used for lifting single items to heavy material. It is also used in the construction and repair work. There are few PM truck loader crane dealers in India like Mtandt.

For over 50 years, PM Group S.p.A. is one of leading Italian manufacturer of truck mounted hydraulic cranes. The company has built a tradition of technology and innovations and due to which it has grown at a larger scale not only in Italy but also in the international market.

The reach of PM cranes is in more than 100 countries and cover all load handling requirements, with a vertical outreach of up to 50 meters. PM cranes have over 50 crane series with over 350 configurations. The company maintains its quality standards and reliability. Similarly, Mtandt makes sure it also provides the same quality products as the company to maintain the image of PM truck loader crane dealer in India.

PM truck loader crane dealer, Mtandt has a series of aerial work platform for rent possesses user-friendliness, flexibility, and convenience. The aerial platforms are heavy duty in design and lightweight and are used in rental and light-duty construction.

Being the PM truck loader crane dealer, Mtandt has given importance to the products and provide distinct advantages to the suppliers.

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