Proven 3D Mechanical Soil Stabilization Technology  


PORTACell is three-dimensional honeycombs of polymeric strips when filled with locally available granular material such as sand, recycled asphalt, soil & fly-ash etc. tends to improve the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. It provides better performance & most importantly incurs savings in terms of Project Cost, Project Time & requirement expensive aggregates. This smart innovation in cellular confinement systems prevents movement of infill and distributes loads over a wide area, thereby increasing the strength and stiffness of a pavement layer.

PORTACell is an ideal solution for soil stabilization and ground reinforcement across various segments for load support, highways, ports, railways, slope & channel protection, earth retention walls, and landfill & reservoirs.

The long-term cost-effective solutions are available in two variants PORTACell Rigid and PORTACell HDPE.

PORTACell Rigid



PORTACell Rigid is made of Nano-Polymeric Alloys (NPA). Developed for durability, and is expected to perform more than the design life of the project. The cells are very stiff, strong and creep resistant, making it an ideal solution for roads, railways, ports and airports.

Why PORTACell Rigid?

  • It reduces long term maintenance and construction costs for roads and load support.
  • It increases soil modulus and bearing capacity.
  • It reduces the requirement of aggregates and quarry material, thus safeguarding the environment.
  • It retains cell wall stiffness and compaction for project design-life and lifespan.
  • It facilitates usage of fly ash and other available local material as infill for a sustainable solution.


Paved & Unpaved Roads Airports
Ports & Yards  Railways

PORTACell HDPE is made of High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE). Designed for flexibility, it is a suitable solution for retaining walls, slopes, light roads, channel protection and less-demanding landscape.


  • It offers long term erosion protection for all types of embankments, slopes & shorelines in civil, infrastructure and environment projects. 
  • It offers cost-effective mechanically stabilized green wall and earth structures for steep slopes, irregular typography. 
  • It creates protected, impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment of solid waste, leachate and liquids.
  • Impervious to salinity, corrosion, acidity, sewage and extreme temperatures.
  • It provides steep vertical earth retention that is structurally stable in compressible and unstable foundation sub grades, even under severe seismic loading.


Slope & Shoreline Protection Channel Protection
Retaining Wall  Embankments & Landscape

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