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RUNSHARE dealer in IndiaLocated at Hunan, Hunan RUNSHARE dealer in IndiaHeavy Industry Company, Ltd. manufactures, develops and markets aerial work platforms. It also manufactures telescopic boom lift, articulated boom lift, scissor lift, truck mounted platform etc. These products are sold and used worldwide through RUNSHARE dealer. Mtandt is a RUNSHARE dealer in India.

The company first launched the world-level 30-40m aerial work platform in China. It has different products like telescopic boom lift, articulating boom lift, scissor lift and truck mounted platform, that is high in quality, very reliable, strong lifting capacity and flexibility in operations. Mtandt being the RUNSHARE dealer in India uses the equipment in construction, municipal projects, power stations, shipyards, and many other fields.

The company focuses on meeting the requirements of a wide variety of customer needs. Full customer satisfaction is what they expect from a RUNSHARE dealer in India. The equipment is made with quality and innovation, that helps increase efficiency and reduced cost. Due to this feature, Mtandt, RUNSHARE dealer finds it easier to explain this to the customer.

Telescopic boom lift

The boom lift is manufactured with a strong steel plate that has a capacity of carrying weight and not bending. The company has adopted modern design tools such as finite element analysis and dynamic simulation, the capacity gets greater. The product has automated detection device for platform amplitude and height, Standard four-link weighing devices, automatic control of the boom’s movement speed and travelling speed, overload protection, and weighting with high-precision, to make sure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.

The tow chain part, which gets a patent for innovation, can keep the channels and links from perplexity or break because of the avoidance and disfigurement of the boom and top diversion of the cantilever tow chain instrument, to guarantee the dependable task of the machine.

The closed running framework consisting of an e-corresponding variable pump, water powered control variable engine and stream circulation valve can pick up moderately high development speed and low and stable running rate. The framework works proficiently and produces less warmth. The four-wheel drive is ground-breaking with awesome grade ability; the directing of the four-wheel drive is extremely adaptable and has four controlling modes.

The running framework, speed effortlessly to be balanced, wide speed goes; the boom’s pressure driven framework embraces dual valve centre circuit, which upgrades the security. It ensures that the boom can withdraw and plummet if there should arise an occurrence of the disappointment of the motor and oil pump. It is utilized to keep the working sidebar from further moving if there should arise an occurrence of a crash with impediments up.


Model: GTBZ-16Z

Working Height Maximum: 18m

Platform Height Maximum: 16m

Working radius maximum: 14m

Lift capacity(restricted): 250kg

Lift capacity(non-restricted): 250kg

Length(stowed) Ⓓ: 8.1m

Width Ⓔ: 2.49m

Height(stowed) Ⓒ: 2.6m

Wheelbase Ⓕ: 2.6m

Ground clearance-centre Ⓖ: 330mm

Platform measurement(m) Ⓑ*Ⓐ: 1.83*0.76m

Turning radius-inside: 3.0m

Turning radius-outside: 5.2m

Travel speed(stowed): 6.3km/h

Travel speed(raised ): 1.1km/h

Gradeability-stowed: 40%(4WD)30%(2WD)

Solid tire: 33*12-20

Swing speed: 0-0.8rpm

Turntable swing: 360°Continuous

Platform levelling: Automatical

Platform rotation: ±80°

Fuel tank capacity: 151L

Total weight : 10000kg(2WD)

Voltage: 12v

Drive & steering type: 4*2*2 or 4*4*4

Engine: Yanmar (35.5kw/2200rpm)

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