Unic Crane Dealer in India

Unic Crane dealer in IndiaEstablished in 1974, Mtandt is the only authorized Unic Crane dealer in India that supplies or rents quality products to the customers.

Established in 1946, Unic cranes has a large portfolio of products. In 1961, Unic Cranes became the first company to manufacture a truck-mounted crane which has lifting capacity up to 1 ton.

The advantage of Unic Crane dealer is to get the authority to distribute or supply their products in India as they have a large variety of products which are used in the construction and infrastructure sector.

UNIC cranes are well-known for their mobility, rugged reliability and high productivity. Being the Unic Crane dealer in India, not only in Japan (where Unic is based) but the world looks for the cranes that are mounted on heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, and the compact straight-boom (telescopic) cranes.
Mtandt maintains the high standards as it the only Unic Crane dealer in India. The cranes are manufactured with quality in design, durability and safety to ensure optimum performance on the work site. All the cranes have their advantages and the high standards which have to be maintained by the Unic Crane dealer.

Mini Crawler Crane

The mini crawler crane by Unic will maximize the lifting and provides flexibility to the operator. It is one of the best compact and mobile cranes. The crane comes in several options with lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tonnes. It is designed in such a way that they are found more useful and easy controllable equipment for lifting available worldwide.

The crane provides multi-angle configurations to set up in any place with the help of its outriggers which gives most stability and flexibility when working in small areas. Construction, maintenance, road-works etc. are the different sectors where the mini crawler crane is used.

Small & Large Mobile Cranes

There are two types of cranes: small and large. Small cranes are used in small areas where the access is restricted. The smallest mini Crawler is just 600mm wide and can fit through a standard single sized doorway. The large mobile crane measures 1380 mm and can fit through a regular double size doorway. Unic’s largest mini crawler – 1006C is the world’s largest mobile crane and has a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes.


Safety is the most important factors in the workplace and keeping this in mind Unic mini crawlers have standard features including radio remote control, load meter, three-colored lamp and an automatic stop device for overloading. This is to make sure maximum safety for the operator.


A stiff boom crane uses the hydraulic winch to lift materials, which can be raised or lowered using the “boom”. The boom is made of the steel which holds the material to moved. The operation is easy to understand and operate. The stiff boom crane lifts straight up and down, it is easier to gently place fragile loads in a work area, regardless of the lifting radius. Compared to other cranes, stiff boom cranes are stronger and more reliable.

The operator can suspend heavy loads in the air for as long as the operator requires, experiencing little to no drift. In certain situations, a stiff boom crane can even reach over obstructions such as fences or walls where other cranes don’t reach.

The most crucial components of the crane are hoses and cylinders which are concealed inside the machinery but are exposed on a folding boom crane. As the crucial components are protected internally, they are saved from excessive heat or rains and any physical damages.


High strength makes the cranes light in weight
• Low in center of gravity
• Reliable in operation
• Easy in maintenance

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