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XCMG machines dealer in IndiaEstablished in 1943, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) is the 6th largest construction machinery company in the world. It started and then become one of the most competitive, influential group in the Chinese machinery industry. It offers a range of construction equipment and its series. Similarly, Mtandt also provides the equipment to the Indian market as it is the XCMG machines dealer in India.

Mtandt being the XCMG machines dealer in India is also dedicated like XCMG and believes in taking responsibility, executing the work and making greater achievements. XCMG is ranked 65th in the list of China’s top 500 companies and hence Mtandt feels proud as it is the authorized XCMG machines dealer.

XCMG is technically advanced and develops a series of products that represent the advanced technologies in China and worldwide. The company offers products like the crane, crawler crane, loaders, and much such construction equipment. Being the XCMG machines dealer in India, Mtandt offers each and every product in the Indian market. The company also offers the products on rent as the rental market has grown tremendously and due to rental, Mtandt has wide exposure in the construction industry.

Being the XCMG machines dealer, Mtandt feels proud to showcase XCMG’s products in India and make the most of the opportunity.


Straight Boom Type Aerial Work Platform

Highest efficiency in operation

Being the highest-efficiency product applied at the elevation of 22 meters, it may be quickly lifted from the ground to the maximum altitude of operation just within 68 seconds.

An outstanding performance of the operation

With the maximum carrying capacity of 340 kg, it has the industry-leading altitude and radius of operation and may satisfy relevant construction demands on heavy loads and large operating spaces.

Excellent Off-Road performance

The four wide tyres, the real-time drive and the novel axle balancing system that may automatically make a response to the terrain will strengthen together the stability in driving on rough roads.


Overall Length: 10150 mm

Overall Width: 2490 mm

Overall Height: 2800 mm

Wheel Base: 2500 mm

Maximum working height: 23.7 m

Maximum platform height: 22 m

Maximum working range: 18.3 m

Maximum load capacity: 340 kg

Boom Luffing Range: -5~+75°

Rotation angle of rotating platform: 360°

Maximum tail wagging: 1550 mm

Platform size: 2400×900 mm

Rotational angle of platform: 180°

Total weight: 12500 kg

Maximum travel speed: 6 km/h

Minimum turning radius: 6 m

Minimum ground Clearance: 230 mm

Maximum Grade ability: 45 %

Tire Specification: 355/55D625

Engine model: Perkin 404D-22T/Deutz D2011 L04i

Rated power of engine: 43/(2600) kW/(r/min)

41/(2300) kW/(r/min)


Scissor Aerial Work Platform

Convenient Transport and stable operation

Scalable assistant expansion platform has bigger operation space and foldable rail makes transportation displacement more convenient. Industry-leading automatic hole protection system and tread widening design achieve that you can operate freely even at the uneven ground.

Environmental construction and convenient service

Pure electric drive, zero release, low noise, and more environmental construction. The overall swing-type tray is convenient for service and maintenance.

General and modular design

A set of booms are added, achieving rapid vehicle model extension, ensuring the general design of parts and components and realizing more convenient customer repair and maintenance.


Overall Length: 2485 mm

Overall Width: 1190 mm

Overall Height: 2036 mm

Wheel Base: 1871 mm

Maximum working height: 13.8 m

Maximum platform height: 11.8 m

Maximum load capacity: 320 kg

Extension Platform load: 115 kg

Platform size: 2276x1120x1254

Platform Extension Length: 900 mm

Lifting speed of working platform: 61-71s

Falling speed of working platform: 43-58s

Total weight: 13158 kg

Travel speed (High Speed): 3.2 km/h

Travel speed (Low Speed): 0.8 km/h

Max. Travel platform height: 11.8 m

Minimum turning radius: 0 m

Minimum ground Clearance (pot hole protector rises/falls): 101/20 mm

Maximum Grade ability: 25 %

Tire Specification: Traceless solid

38.1 cmx12.7 cm

Battery: 4×12(300) V/(Ah)

Charger: 30 A

Warning angle of inclination: 1.5 (Both Sides)°

3 (Front or rear)°

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